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I’m going to India

I’m going to India. Really.  This is not something I’m just making up or wishing for.  I’m going.  Janurary. The first day of 2010.  Could there be a more auspicious day?  This is what happened:

My daughter went with me to chemo one day last year.  We spent the time chatting and visiting with some of the other women there that I’ve gotten to know somewhat.  All day a woman across the room who I had never seen before and I exchanged nods and recognition and by the end of the day, as she was getting ready to leave, she approached me and my daughter and introduced herself.  She said she’d the feeling we’d met before, as I did, and finally felt it necessary to actually come over and speak.  She had something to share with me, she said, and proceeded to describe to me a treatment she had returned from just the night before.  She was in India, Kerala, to be exact, having something called, “pancha karma”.  All the time she spoke to us I was taken by her light, her radiance.  And the story she unfolded told of miraculous doings.  By the time she was finished, it had become dark, and my treatment was almost over as well.  We promised to stay in touch and for days the stories she told me resonated in my ears.

It seems her cancer had metastasized and finally came to a point where the doctors had nothing more to offer her.  She was sent home to put her affairs in order.  Instead of giving up at that point she went to a small clinic in India that she had heard of.  A place steeped in tradition, run by three generations of doctors.  When she arrived she’d had so many tumours that they could not be counted.  When she returned, they were gone.

That was when I knew that I would be taking a journey to India in the future, and now the future is here.  I’ve gone as far as I can with chemo, so I am going to India for six weeks. My understanding of Aryuvedic medicine is that the treatments are very simple and gentle, but profound.  The mind, body, and spirit are all addressed in this healing process.  I am going with full intentions to experience miracles.  I am going to heal from cancer. I’ve put all my eggs in one basket.  There is no place else I can go at this point.  It’s either more chemo or India and I do not think I can tolerate any longer the diminished quality of life that chemo inflicts on a person.

I don’t know yet how I will communicate with the outside world once I am in the clinic, but if there is a computer there, then I will continue to blog and share my experience from there.  If I have to wait until I return, then I will fill you in at that time.  I’m excited and frightened and thrilled.  I cannot go on this journey and expect to remain the same.  Transformation is imminent.

Wish me luck!

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