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Babz update from India

The trek from Vancouver to London to Mumbai to Kochi gives me shivers to just think about. Honestly, it was like a pilgrimage. Somehow, we all held on to our sanity and all of a sudden we were here. It was probably 38 degrees when we landed in Kochi and the taxis picked us up to take us to Sreedhari. At that point my legs were already so swollen from the airplane hours that it hardly mattered anymore. People all along the way were kind and accommodating and we were constantly being approached and aided in our attempts to find the proper gate for takeoff and bathrooms and these are not easy things to find when there is no signage and the airport is miles long. Anyway… we arrived and are here and are settling nicely into the routine.

It is very rustic… a little like girl scout camp. The food is basic, but clean. It took a few days for all of us to get the mattresses we needed and the rooms that worked out best for each of us, but we are getting the hang of it now.

I met with a specialist that the clinic brought in to advise them in treating me, and spent one half day at a clinic in a neighboring village…. a filthy and daunting experience… getting tests that this specialist felt he needed to assess my situation. It felt gratuitous to me, but I guess he needed to see x-rays and ultra sounds to know what he was dealing with. I didn’t like that part very much.

I am finally, though, beginning to have treatments and taking the medications that they are prescribing to me. They are mostly mixtures of muddy combinations of herbs that I swallow and gag back five or six times a day. They are hesitant to begin the massage treatments on me while I am still swelling, as things get dicey and can get worse.

OK…this is going to happen alot. I will be typing and suddenly have to sign off because a line for the computer begins to form and I’ll be under pressure to finish up and share. So. I will continue as soon as I can get back here to type some more.

I love you all. I miss home terribly, but the horrible fear and panic I was feeling has disapated and I know where I am. India. The continent. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.



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7 thoughts on “Babz update from India

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  2. so good to hear how things are going for you 🙂 sending good vibes.

  3. Maureen MacDonald on said:

    Dear Babz,
    Well, it’s 2010 already. I have been thinking of you. I even sent you a message yesterday, inviting you to join a group of women in a silly Facebook status game. Today I got the message to have a look at your new, improved web site and here I am.

    You sparkle and glow and light up a room with your presence. I send you all my best thoughts and deep wishes that your trip to India will make you stronger.

    Much love always,

  4. Jennifer Copping on said:

    I am so unbelievably inspired by your bravery..thank you for this. We send you all our love and know you are always in our thoughts even if we haven’t been in contact for too jen jesse and cian from Toronto

  5. Shari Ulrich on said:

    I’m so grateful that you’re sending messages. Janie Mortifee and I were just talking about you and I found you here… Know that we are sending so much love and support to you.

  6. Kelsey on said:

    You are so inspiring, amazing, brave…and my throat is choked with joy at the promise this trip holds for you. Keep the tales of your adventure coming, they are fascinating.

  7. Oh Babz, you fierce and gentle warrior. I love you.
    Let me know if i can contribute to the vision. The web site and blog are beautifully done. Namaste. May happiness and healing be yours.

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