The Babz Chula Lifeline for Artists Society

Buy Duchovny dinner and help local actress’s cancer fight

From The Vancouver Province:

A group of actors on both sides of the border are going online to raise money to fund the cancer treatment for one of Vancouver’s most popular actors.

Up for EBay auction are dinner dates with a host of talents ranging from Corner Gas’s Gabrielle Miller to David Duchovny of The X-Files, in aid of Babz Chula’s battle with the cancer that has recently spread from her breast to her liver.

Chula, the perennially youthful veteran of nearly four decades in Vancouver’s movie, theatre and music scenes, needs an expensive new treatment developed in Austria that isn’t covered by provincial health benefits.

A group of her friends got together recently at the Vancouver home of Men In Trees co-stars Suleka Mathew and Nicholas Lea to think of ways to help, and came up with the online auction. Also up for grabs in the auction starting April 2 are nights out with musician Matthew Good, The X-Files creator Chris Carter, Robson Arms star John Cassini and actors from TV’s Stargate: Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica. The group is also auctioning off signed movie and TV memorabilia, including items from Carter and Duchovny’s recently-wrapped The X-Files feature film.

“We thought, well, what do we actually have to trade on,” says Lea, who was a recurring regular on The X-Files TV series and is still close to Duchovny. “Well, we’re friends with famous people. We have some famous friends who have other famous friends.”

Lea says the newly formed Babz Chula Lifeline for Artists Society aims to help other artists in similar needs, and to that end they’re planning other projects to raise money and awareness. They’ve set up the website, with links and details for the EBay auction, which ends April 12.

“There’s a lot of artists in real need, with minimal health insurance,” says Lea.

Fellow actor Ben Ratner secured the rights to use the Trooper hit “We’re Here for a Good Time” from his friend, songwriter Ra McGuire, and the society aims to record a new version, to be accompanied by a video of stars lip-synching to it. Lea says they were inspired by recent celeb-studded videos done just for fun.

“If we can get people to go on for a purpose, I’m giong to be really shameless about who I talk to,” says Lea. “It’ll be just people talking into a camera.”

Chula was first diagnosed two and a half years ago, and decided on the latest course of treatment, intended to complement conventional chemotherapy, in consultation with her naturopathic oncologist.

“I’d like to collect and organize all the information and revelation that I’ve experienced on this journey and get it out to others,” she says.



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